Communicate Podcast

‘Communicate’ is a podcast produced by Empower Your English (EYE), a Melbourne-based service which seeks to help people assert themselves through Empowered Communication. The podcast is in a conversational format hosted by Zen & John of EYE, featuring different guests each episode.

‘Communicate’ is all about how we express ourselves, and how we understand one another. Featuring lively discussions about speaking, writing, listening, and what passes in between, ‘Communicate’ aims to enlighten, entertain, and empower people to Communicate better.

The views of people being interviewed on the “Communicate’ Podcast are not necessarily shared by Empower Your English.

Episode 1

Our guest Sonia Vignjevic – Settlement Services International

Zen Fong, John McKenna & Sonia Vignjevic in the Communicate podcast studio.

Episode 2

Our guest Uncle Jack Charles – Indigenous elder, actor, musician, activist.

Zen Fong & John McKenna with Uncle Jack Charles in the Councillors’ Chamber at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

John, Zen & Uncle Jack Charles.

Episode 3

Our guests Wendy Clarity Van Dort & Neil Blake

Zen Fong, John McKenna, Wendy Clarity Van Dort & Neil Blake in the Communicate podcast studio.