EYE – Empower Your English

It’s all about EMPOWERING your communication.

Language barriers can sometimes disempower people in their communications with others. Expressing yourself clearly is key to how successful your communications are.

Sometimes people hear what you said, rather than what you meant!

We all listen through ‘filters’ which can impact our understanding of what was meant, rather than what we thought we heard. Whether it involves an issue, a negotiation, an interview, or many different interactions, it helps to know your rights to help you better communicate.

This will not only empower your communication, but also give you more confidence!

Before the need to communicate, it is important to know the purpose and the outcome you want. It is also important to consider who it is that you will be communicating with.

Empower Your English (EYE) Events are a 2-hour workshop style forum to assist you in gaining greater equality through more empowered communication.

In the forums we discuss topics such as:

The keys to defining the purpose of communication

  • When to use assertive language
  • How to use encouraging language
  • How tone can affect communication
  • What role humour can play
  • How to respond to discrimination or intimidation

We cover the four major forms of communication:

  • Face-to-face communication
  • Text communications
  • Email communications
  • Telephone conversations

The EYE Story

The ideas and strategies covered are led by Zen Fong and John McKenna.

John and Zen are from very different backgrounds, and have experienced many communication challenges throughout their lives and careers.

Zen and John will share their experiences from two very different perspectives. The events are interactive, in a small group setting. Listen to proven practical strategies from their ‘real world’ experiences, not theories from a text book.

Though Zen and John have very different backgrounds, and have faced different challenges, they do however share a common approach in communicating. Gain insight from their direct experiences on how to adopt communication strategies that will empower your life!


Zen Fong
Zen is adventurous, and shares stories about her travels and the experiences of communicating more effectively. She has a degree in psychology, and is currently studying a Masters in Social Work in Melbourne.

Zen has mastered a communication style that focuses on Human Rights & Equality, and has worked in the areas such as Human Resources, International Fundraising, Disability Sector, Hospitality, and Visual Arts.

John McKenna
John has been in a wheelchair all his life, and occasionally experienced different forms of discrimination. He has gained a lot of insight into the power of assertive, and sometimes humorous communication to gain equality.

John has a qualification in mediation, and has worked in areas such as Telecommunications, Marketing & Retail, Human Resources, and Media. John has also worked for not-for-profit Organisations as an Empowerment Advocate.


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For further information contact:
Website: eyenow.melbourne
Email: zen@eyenow.melbourne
Phone: 0419 877 712
Post: PO Box 540, Glen Huntly, Victoria, Australia, 3163